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Challenge |
Brazil is in the middle of a recession. So we needed to created a new retail platform for Chevrolet. This time, more compelling than ever.

Insight |
As the car market is shrinking, we decided to target clients from other brands. Clients who are not exactly fans of Chevrolet.
And we found a very rich source on social networks: the haters.

Ideia |
Haters gonna Love. The most transparent retail campaign ever. We invited people who had posted critics about Chevrolet cars to actually see the cars and learn more about its innovations. As we have several models being launched this year, we had enough material to make them change their mind. All the reactions became films aired on national TV.

Results |
So far, all haters invited have been converted. And for the 6th consecutive month, Chevrolet is leading the car sales in Brazil. Plus: 4 of its models became the best selling cars in their category, including Onix, the best selling car in the country.

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Date published: 12 February 2017 2017-02-12T10:01:03+0000


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