Luciana Oliveira Graphic Designer


During pandemic, the number of abandoned animals on streets in Brazil increased dramatically. But, specially cats, that suffered with fake news about transmitting COVID-19 to humans. Because Adote Um Gatinho is an NGO that works with abandoned cats and their way to a new home, we saw an opportunity to increase awareness and also address an important message.

Concept / Ideation
So, we invited people to think about cats adoption, with an emotional and yet funny approach. Using beautiful illustrations and a colorful and happy mood for a sensitive theme, and taking advantage of the relationship cats have with cardboard boxes.

We created a campaign, using a racional about how a cat would feel even better than just playing around with a cardboard box: with your contribution to the NOG, and put the illustrations all over...

But, then, we made something huge… We created a line of products to be sold at a charity bazar. Mugs, decorative plates, ecobags, tees and much more. And yes, it was an enormous success.

Lots of people visiting the actual event despite the pandemic | Huge number of partners and exhibitors of the feline world | The biggest amount ever of sales and donations in the NGO history.


Chief Creative Officer - Daniel da Hora
Creative Director - Luciana Oliveira
Art Director / Illustrator - Daniel da Hora
Production Manager - Cynthia Aragão
Social Marketing Manager - Silvia Garwood
Client Team Director - Susan Yamamoto


  • Adote Um GatinhoClient
Project featured: on 12th December 2021

Cats In A Box - Campaign