Our brief was to build and launch the Primark website.
Primark wanted to raise product awareness, engage their customers and drive traffic to stores, without the new site selling clothes online.
Primark’s customers spend their lives online, on their phones and in social media. We wanted to engage this community of fans and advocates in an innovative way without selling any items directly from the site.

So we chose to capture how people shop and use Primark clothing. They wear Primark mixed with designer brands, other high street brands and vintage finds. It’s no longer about ‘who’ you’re wearing and more about how you wear it.
We would replicate the fresh, energetic and busy feel of Primark's stores, online. Taking the mania of Primark online.

Introducing Primania: a real-time fashion lookbook - modelled, styled, shot and curated by fans.
Primark customers upload their selfies and tag all the (Primark and non-Primark) clothes in their outfit. Visitors can follow users and vote on looks as well as entering weekly style competitions.
Each look is also tagged to your nearest store, allowing Primark to curate and celebrate local micro trends.
Fans also get sneak peeks of Primark’s fast changing products, trend alerts, and hourly updates straight from the buyers.

In its first 3 months, the website attracted over 4 million unique visitors. Visitors spent 50% longer on the new site than they did with the previous site, and items featured on the site turned into best sellers in store.

The site has contributed to the amazing success in social media Primark have recently experienced. In the period of 6 months to February 2014, Primark have added 1.7m followers on Facebook alone (a growth factor of 238%) and have leapt 14 places to become a top 5 company in eDigital Research’s retail social media league.

All this without spending a penny on advertising.

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