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We were tasked by Audience and the World Health Organisation with creating a visual and spoken educational animation that could be globally understood, culturally appropriate and adaptable across multiple languages. Using the brand and programmes colours, we created a fluid, positive line art motion approach, that started with a serious message and TOV, and ended with a positive, upbeat energy as the finale. Multiple stakeholders were involved in signing-off to ensure an accurate interpretation of the highly important subject matter: global equality in Covid vaccination. An animation that can be equally used by local doctors and scientists to explain the trials (with the view to creating successful protection regardless of remote locations or lack of refrigeration), and for those volunteering to use as a point of reference regarding essential information in the first instance of their applications.

The sound and sonic tone was equally as important as the visuals. We sourced voice over artists from the regions applicable to the programme: Colombia, Mali and the Philippines in the first instance, as well as a neutral English translation to be used worldwide. Further translations are to be rolled out throughout the year. Attention to detail in terms of the accent, verbal tonality and dialect of the script was of the utmost importance. In addition, the background soundtrack needed to be neutral, positive and work with a variety of voices. Elements are highlighted with the use of subtle sound effects at points.

The animation has been hugely successful and has welcomed warm feedback by both the WHO and medical practitioners, as well as the public.


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