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Condeco, iOffice and Space IQ merged to create a global work tech leader. With a mission to create a better future at work, a new brand was needed to bring this vision to life. We worked with the in-house digital and marketing teams to create a visual identity that stood out across every touch point, from web to coffee mug to event stand.

The world of work is changing and we created a brand as fluid as the future of work; a brand world breaking free from tradition both visually and tonally. The living heart of the brand is the Aura – a code-first graphic device that reacts and changes to its environment.

This is paired with a new commissioned font reflecting the logo; fluidity of space and environment; an emotive, accessible colour palette; human-centric photography; and assets designed to save energy and processing power, creating an eco-aware and inclusive brand world.

“By designing and delivering accessible solutions, Eptura aims to help break down the barriers that can prevent people from fully engaging in the workplace." During a design system audit, Eptura achieved 92% on Level Access’s accessibility health scoring criteria — a strong rank indicating they are “making a conscious effort to design and build with accessibility in mind.”

Flexibility, accessibility, simplicity and personality...

Introducing Eptura Flexible – a custom-made OpenType, TTF and WOFF2 font family that is simple, clean and accessible in the digital world, but maintains personality.

A bespoke font family that not only has longevity and options for large scale brand marketing, but, most importantly, works in the numerous digital products that Eptura offers worldwide, in multiple languages. A suite of faces that worked well when small on screen in apps, as well large-scale for advertising, events and display purposes. It was essential, as part of the brand philosophy, to create something that passed rigorous accessibility testing and had the flexibility of weights to perform a multitude of tasks. All within budget. But that didn't mean losing any personality.
A subtle wink and human-ness combined with clean functionality.

Key features to aid these considerations were to lower 'spikes' and subtly soften the corners of specific characters (such as ‘A’ and ‘N’) that were found problematic at small size on screens in testing, and to open counters. A ‘circular’ inspired character set to complement our ‘Aura’, but with the strong, clean lines of a Sans Serif for readability on screen.

Flexible in name, flexible in nature.

The primary brand font has:
• Four set weights and accompanying italics,
• Available for Worldwide use, including Cyrillic characters.
• In-built ‘up-weighting’ when non-designer users click on bold manually in apps such as Word (maintaining visual consistency even in those circumstances),
• A set of alternative glyphs and ligatures designed to give the marketing team freedom, and fun, in their layouts.

Eptura Flexible has a number of special characters built in to the font that can be used to add detail to brand comms at larger sizes. They include ‘Aura-style’ dots and punctuation, and slanted dashes to compliment the brand wordmark itself.

A set of specifications were designed to allow for consistent application of the brand typographic style across all website pages and across all of Eptura’s app products.
The typographic styling is designed to be readable, but energetic and airy, through the smart use of staggered grids, AAA-tested colourways and typeface weights.


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Eptura Flexible: An accessible bespoke brand typeface