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Building a better future at work.

Condeco, iOffice and Space IQ merged to create a global work tech leader. With a mission to create a better future at work a new brand was needed to bring this vision to life. We worked with the in-house UI and marketing teams to create a visual identity that stood out across every touch point, from web to coffee mug.

The world of work is changing and we created a brand as fluid as the future of work. The brand itself is breaking free from tradition and we reflected that visually and tonally. The living heart of the brand is the Aura – a code-first graphic device that reacts and changes to its environment. This approach was important for many reasons, including load time and user experience upon viewing the motion, as well as championing the incredible tech talent within the company. ‘The Happiness Index’, an algorithmically generated set of personalised logos based on the users laughter embraces Eptura’s brand mission. These are available via the company intranet and connected to users' LinkedIn profile images.

These are paired with a new commissioned font for the brand reflecting the logo and a fluidity of space and environment, an emotive, but accessible colour palette, human-centric photography and motion style, and assets designed to save energy and processing power, creating a eco-aware and inclusive brand world.

The logo is based on a smile... infact, every employees smile. We created an algorithm that could work with LinkedIn, to generate a personalised version of the brand logo based on their tone of laughter... 'The Happiness Index'. A truly forward-facing approach to work-life balance.

We used colour theory and the latest psychology research to balance a work smart blue with a calming lilac and the world's favourite colour teal.

Icons and film move with a light, floaty ease, and verbal TOV is friendly, informative and easy to understand (particularly important for a tech brand).


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