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I would like to Introduce myself first by saying Sports is my Passion and I'm a professional Footballer and play various other sports too at a competitive level.... I've been in the Sports/Retail Industry for 28 years and always took on a new Job profile and mastered it. Retail Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Sports Marketing, Retail Store Projects, Retail Content, Retail Operations, Events are some of the Job Profiles I've done.

I Started my career at Gokaldas Images and then moved to Dubai to work with Pierre Cardin/Daniel Hechter & Cerruti once back in India I joined Nike and was the second employee appointed and helped in the entire set-up of the company, I've managed and worked on various Job Roles post with my 13years stint with them.

I'm currently working as a free-lance consultant, I work on Sports / retail projects and just completed a project with GO SPORT France apart from that I work with Football Clubs across US, Portugal and Germany and doing various project for them including Marketing and Business Development! My current project has been working to develop sustainable apparel products and Business development.

With my work at NIKE Inc I've done a lot of Iconic sports events around the world like the FIFA World Cup, Beijing Olympics and Cricket World Cup.

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