#fansofcannes: The Dishoom Story Plates

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It’s probably the Goldsmiths in me that means I have a special appreciation of emotional design. The kind that goes beyond beauty of just form and function to resonate at a deeper level, evoke memories, provoke feelings, or transport you to another place.

The Dishoom Story Plates are a fine example of design that does just that. Born from the desire to create a more authentic dining experience and attract London’s Indian community to their newest branch, Dishoom harvested unique and personal stories about Bombay’s old cafés and baked these onto plates for use in the restaurant.

By bringing together two worlds - the rich sounds, stories and flavours of the East, with the crisp, contemporary design of the West - Dishoom baked Indian culture into the very fabric of its restaurant and by doing so, used emotional design to connect with a new era of customers.

This is an example of design that truly transcends the medium it’s made of, stretching beauty beyond the surface to resonate at a far deeper level.

By Rebecca Ford, Senior Brand Strategist, jkr London

The Dishoom Story Plates (Cannes Lions Shortlist, 2014) Agency: OgilvyOne London


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