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30th January 2018: The ascension of user-generated content into the mainstream has afforded brands an opportunity to add more authenticity to their communications. Consumers are no longer solely subjected to generic stock imagery with no diversity.


Most of these images and videos come from social media, where there are more than 1.8 billion different types of content uploaded each day. Lobster helps companies license this social media content from its marketplace.


The company also takes care of licenses for content that isn’t readily available on the marketplace and reaches out directly to negotiate with the owner of the image, with creators enjoying 75% of any purchased revenue.


Lobster uses algorithmic engineering and machine learning for its image recognition software. This software, combined with social media metadata, allows the artificial intelligence (AI) to find high quality and relevant content from a pool of 7 billion different pieces of content.


Search features with more depth

Lobster have recently announced a set of brand new features for their search parameters by improving AI and machine learning. The goal is to give users even more precision and accuracy when searching for content on the platform.


The new features provide the company with one of the most in-depth and advanced image searches found on photo libraries.


These new features include Style Search, that allows users to find pictures in harmony with already existing campaign mood boards based on their sample. Lobster will then find images that match the brand’s tone and style.


Atmospheric tags provide suggestions based on the most recent search query. If a user searches for 'black cat’, atmospheric tagging offers alternative options in similar categories, such as ‘cute cat' and ‘outdoor cat’.


If brands need imagery of people facing a certain angle, they can use the new Angles Search. Users will save time sifting through hundreds of images looking for the perfectly angled face. They select the desired angle, and results will return the ideal look.


Emotion is one of the biggest drivers behind any company trying to strike a chord with their audience. The Emotion Search lets users capture the exact feeling they are looking for with sad, angry, contempted, disgusted, surprised, happy, and fearful emotions.


With the rise of location marketing, the Geolocation Search affords brands the luxury of pinpointing their results with content from any city or country in the world. For those looking to characterise their search, the Attributes Search is ideal.


Select whether you want an image of someone with glasses, a moustache or a beard. All these options are joined by an ‘ethnicity search’ and ‘subject number’ selector, which allows you to select how many people you want in an image.


Lobster's CEO, Olga Egorsheva explains that the new features give even more power to companies searching the exact imagery they need from such a vast pool of options. Olga says, “These new features improve upon the Lobster user experience. “Finding imagery can be an arduous task, but these new search options arm subscriber’s with tools that refine their search results down to important details like brand colours and location-specific images.


“It’s not just about searching for the image that fits your campaign; it’s capturing the look and feel of your content. These new search features were created with the intention of helping brands find visuals that fit their ambiance and display the essence of their brand.”




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