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Little Sun is an organization that empowers communities in Africa with solar energy and inspires action for a solar powered world. Founded by contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, Little Sun “puts the power of the sun in your hands” through a suite of artfully-designed solar devices, livelihood programs, and renewable energy and climate advocacy efforts. Little Sun products make light and safety possible for refugees, help students extend study hours in areas without electricity, and allow public health workers to charge their phones in remote locations, among others.
After nine years in operation, Little Sun has distributed over one million solar powered products globally and is a leader in emotionally engaging renewable energy communications. We are embarking on an ambitious new strategy which will take the organization deeper in selected countries to support families and communities to move up the energy access ladder by using solar power for agriculture, small-scale enterprise and healthcare.
In addition, Little Sun leads public campaigns using creativity, emotion, and hopeful storytelling to galvanize citizens around renewable energy and climate action.


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