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Bloomberg Philanthropies works to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people by focusing on five key areas: the arts, education, the environment, government innovation, and public health. While Bloomberg Philanthropies works on a wide range of issues within each focus area, we apply a distinctive approach to all of our undertakings.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Annual Report 2018 takes an in-depth look at the achievements, key moments, initiatives and drives of Bloomberg’s charitable foundation.

Building on founder Mike Bloomberg’s belief in the power of cities to take action to drive global change, Illustrators were asked to imagine what the city of the future would look like, subtly representing the world reach of Bloomberg Philanthropies. The design of the inside of the book needed to incorporate more inventive and visually stimulating ways to present readers with facts and figures.


Graphic designers created an inspired cover for the 2018 annual report that met the brief of ‘future city’, whilst incorporating different aspects of the design to represent the focus areas of Bloomberg Philanthropies. The cover design features some well-known buildings from cities across the world, using them in one imaginary cityscape, underlining the international efforts of the foundation.

The inside of the report makes good use of large photographic images, infographics and maps, giving added depth to the visuals of the book. This engaging presentation of statistics and successes was achieved by using seven different colours for each of the different title programs (government innovation, the arts, education, the environment and public health). Not only was this aesthetically appealing, but it also allows readers an easy way to digest the information portrayed.


30,000 book editions of Bloomberg Philosophies’ 2018 Annual report were printed and a copy was sent to every employee through the post to their home address. Not only did this give an extra layer of connectivity to the foundation, but it also gave employees (according to a recent employee survey) a greater comprehension of the organisations structure.
Along with employee distribution, hard copies of the report were made available in every office conference room, across all locations. Digital versions of the report’s cover were projected on all screens of Bloomberg (such as messaging TVs, boardroom projection screens etc.). A fully operational website version of the report was also created, replicating both the look and feel of the original book. The website edition of the annual report features animation versions of the original book cover. These are complemented by video shorts of people involved or positively impacted by Bloomberg Philanthropies international endeavors. Synchronization with the book and website followed with social media, with Mike Bloomberg and Pattie Harris sharing the report on their personal social media accounts as well as all Bloomberg brand accounts.

Bloomberg Philanthropies invests in nearly 480 cities across more than 120 countries, relying on data, leading from the front, looking for unmet needs, focusing to on cities to drive progress, utilizing advocacy and lobbying, remain flexible and engaging strong partners. This results in the foundation positively impacting the lives of countless people around the world.


Project featured: on 4th February 2019

Bloomberg Philanthropies Annual Report 2018

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