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The Brief:
Having expanded from their headquarters in Milan, Italy to a store on the King’s Road in Chelsea, London, the pre-loved luxury fashion reseller Lampoo asked us to create an awareness campaign to promote buying more responsibly by choosing second-hand luxury over new.

This campaign was about changing peoples attitudes and mindsets regarding the ‘ownership’ of luxury and the impact it has on the environment, not to mention it being the healthy choice for your conscience, wallet and lifestyle.

Lime saw the new year period as a time to mimic the marketing craze of fitness and dry January messaging as an opportunity to also create a campaign encouraging a detox. But with a difference. This was about educating people about the cleansing of unwanted luxury pieces as well as altering your habits of buying new luxury fashion.

Our Answer:
After researching and discussing customer trends we wanted to use the post 'gluttony' of Christmas and capture attention with a campaign to highlight the circular economy and a more sustainable fashion eco-system. Playing on the trend of everyone seeking to develop ‘healthier habits’, in January, we introduced a striking, quirky concept that would fit the 'New Year new me' fad of this month.

Our images artistically used fruit and vegetables as the sculptural support for a selection of luxury designer brands, focusing on the best sellers of handbags and shoes. Creating a colour balance of produce and product, the coordinated still lifes were emblazoned with the headline: "It’s time to change your fashion habits."

To push the awareness further, the outdoor ads were wild posted at strategic sites across central London and Milan as well as created for social media, with a planned gifting stunt of detox juices and tailored massaging to be handed to fashion press.

The Result:
The juxtaposition of a £18,000 Hermes bag suspended on a mountain of purple fruit and vegetables captured people’s attention. Using the convenient QR code, people scanned to find out just how easy and simple it was to buy pre-loved clothing and accessories or sell their unwanted pieces without the time consuming tasks required to sell on other platforms. Creating awareness for the physical stores as well as the online opportunities.

The creative content uploaded to Instagram achieved 93k reach, 173k impressions and nearly 2k interactions.

“Balancing sliced lemons and suspending fresh grapes around luxury bags and shoes by brands such as Hermes, Bottega Veneta and Aquazzura, was a little unsettling, but the final compositions were worth all the nail biting!”
Abi Goldfinch, Creative Director


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