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Cass Business School invited us to pitch for their new visual identity system to support their repositioning as ‘the business school that gives you the opportunity to be extraordinary’.

We began with the positioning line ‘Extraordinary calling’. For those considering Cass, it represented an opportunity for an extraordinary experience. Similarly, for faculty, being part of an institution of Cass’s standing was akin to a ‘calling’.

Our brand idea, that ‘extraordinary’ is achieved by thinking outside of the box, formed the basis of the new visual identity. A white square was created to represent Cass, encapsulating the logo and messaging to ensure maximum impact, legibility and consistency.

This square was supported by other elements including brackets, corner devices and an outline version of the square, all structured using flexible grid systems. This was further developed with the addition of a dynamic white powder explosion breaking out of the outline square.

Commissioned photography captured the essence of London. Featuring dramatic skies, reflections, and cityscapes from unique angles and perspectives.

The interplay between the strong graphic elements and the impactful photography helped to create a cohesive look and feel.

Comprehensive brand guidelines were developed, and the new visual identity was seamlessly integrated across advertising, print and digital communications.


  • Cass Business School (now Bayes)Client

Lime Creative has been a Contributor since 25th November 2015.

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Cass Business School Visual Identity