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Like Digital was commissioned by Chalhoub Group to UX and design for a mobile app-driven tiered loyalty membership scheme. Users collect points on every purchase made at partner stores, and use the points to enjoy curated fashion, lifestyle and beauty experiences. As they built up points further benefits are unlocked, and special perks are uncovered. This experience would enhance, engage and empower users in every aspect of their luxury lifestyle.

Being in the luxury market, the client wanted to create a programme that was simply about collecting and redeeming points for a discount. The challenge was to reach the luxury consumer and offer them an unparalleled experience, within the brand’s timeline of under 10 months.

The project was summarised into a halo vision statement: ‘to delight consumers with a simple and valuable personalised experience’. The strategy was dependent on understanding the target consumers and their behaviour, both actual and desired, and how that could align with business goals. We developed a Loyalty Experience Design to guide the strategy and tactics of the app, created in alignment with the discovery period findings, and a comprehensive data capture strategy.

To execute on the identified challenge we:
- A Discovery Phase, where we drove alignment on vision and objectives, clearly-defined personas and journeys, brainstorming and go-to-market strategy
- Defined the User Experience (UX), including comprehensive customer journeys and wireframes to demonstrate these
- Validated the defined UX journeys with a combination of both guerilla testing and user survey testing

With over 180K signups in the first six months from launch, the result is an app-driven membership scheme that offers an exceptional, engaging customer experience. The seamless user journey to find and collect points allows for elevated interaction and fosters increased loyalty to the partner brands, and the tiered membership strategy drives engagement. There has been a steady growth in audience engagement across the entire group and its network of brands, with loyalty users redeeming experiences and services at scale.

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