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We are becoming a society driven by experience.

Consumers are shifting away from ‘things’ – not that we aren’t buying, but we are more likely to choose that trip or to jump from that airplane than we are to buy that souvenir or purchase that jumper. We want experiences. And then of course, we want to share them on social media, to snap, post, live-stream and tweet them.

Validation is changing with the times.

Of course, people are still buying, they are just looking for each encounter to be elevated. Experience is still preeminent. So when your ecommerce site surprises and delights users, when it takes little-to-no effort to create an account and the personalisation features are spot on, that is exceptional and memorable. Furthermore, as more and more of these experiences are digested in micro moments it’s essential to set yourself up for success from the beginning. Research firm Forrester found that brands which focus on strong CX (customer experience) drive superior revenue growth, particularly in highly competitive industries where brands offer differentiated experiences. As many of these CX transactions take place online, a site with excellent UX (user experience)-led design is one of the foremost business differentiators in today’s competitive landscape.

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