What are the benefits of 'Recharge Rooms' for your business?

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Successfully maintaining the work-life balance is a myth for most of us. This is where a mindful design comes in - it's not just about home design we're talking about; office design enables business owners to provide comfort to their employees.

The biggest reason why business owners tend to their employees' comfort is the abundance of proof that a tired, mentally drained employee won't be productive and creative enough. Moreover, they will change jobs more frequently and damage the company culture in the meantime.

This is where recharge rooms come to the rescue: They bring many benefits to employees, and therefore bringing benefits for the business, too. 

What is a recharge room?

A recharge room is designed to suit various circumstances and needs of employees. Every time an employee needs a break, they can visit the recharge room and choose how they want to relax there.

Whether you call it a wellness room or a relaxing zone - the concept remains the same: your employees can zone out and unwind there so that they can go back to their work fully energized. The variety of choices leads to several types of recharge rooms.

Meditation/Yoga rooms

This room doesn't have to be big - only a yoga mat and a table from where you can provide music will be enough. Those who meditate only need a few minutes to quiet their minds, while yoga practitioners can also enjoy stretching out their bodies after a few hours of sitting at a desk.

Game rooms


This may seem ridiculous but the reason video and smartphone games are so popular is because they help you zone out from everyday stress. It can be as simple as a beanbag chair, a gaming console, and a small TV or it can be decorated with popular video game characters.

Spas or massage rooms

They are hugely popular because most office jobs bring a lot of mental stress and they take their toll on physical health due to a sedentary lifestyle. That's why some business owners even hire professional massage therapists to help the employees with the tension in shoulders, back, arms, etc.

However, another great alternative is equipping the room with a multi-purpose massage chair that can effectively relax the muscles and relieve the built-up tension at any time.

Nap rooms

Many employees are sleep-deprived due to domestic problems and too many obligations. Consequently, they are not at their best when they feel sleepy and exhausted.

A room with a hammock, a comfortable couch, or even a high-tech sleep pod works wonders for employees. A power nap is sometimes all an employee needs to improve their productivity and raise energy levels.

Benefit 1 — Effective and regular break

Employees who take regular breaks are more productive than those who exhaust themselves at work. Regular breaks help them recharge their batteries and work effectively in concentrated bursts. However, many employees don't take regular breaks thinking it will only slow them down.

By designing a type of a recharge room, you will motivate your employees to take more frequent breaks. Showing them it's ok to take a break, you are helping them keep their minds fresh. A recharge room will allow them to put everything on hold and zone out without even having to leave the building.

Benefit 2 — Comfort for more energy

Staring at the screen in a sitting position most of the day isn't good for the posture nor for the mind. Even the best ergonomic chair can't make up for the fact your employees are spending hours in the same position.

A recharge room will offer them a different, more comfortable type of furniture where they can stretch and ease the pain in their back and muscles. Sofas or leather lounge suites are great options, especially for those who suffer from back pain. That way, they will use fewer sick days because you'll help them feel better at work. Adding a couple of basic exercise equipment pieces could also work great for some employees who miss being active.

Benefit 3 — Brainstorming area

No one says your employees can't discuss work-related topics while they're on a break. What's more, some of them find it more comfortable to discuss issues and challenges while in a relaxing environment. More precisely, people think of good ideas when they are at ease and free to say whatever comes to their minds. A recharge room is a perfect mix of minimal distractions and an inspiring environment.

You can decorate the recharge room in lively colors and allow the natural light to come in to boost your employees' mood. You can even encourage them to write their ideas down by putting up a board on the wall. When there are no clear expectations, creativity is more likely to be awakened.

Benefit 4 — A tech-free zone

Surprisingly, 65% of employees use the internet at work for non-work purposes, such as visiting social media, watching YouTube videos, etc. So, by allowing them to do exactly the same thing while on a break won't do much difference.

So, you need to use the recharge room to motivate them to do something else instead and to switch off from technology for a while. There are various ways to have fun at work without using smartphones, tablets and other devices. For example, you can put a pinball machine or a ping pong table and awaken the competitive spirit in your employees. The point is helping the brain to take a break from the online buzz.

Benefit 5 — Enhancement of team building

To promote team building, you don't have to organize a field trip or a team-building activity as the only tool. Team building is much more effective when it's aided and promoted passively, in everyday situations where it isn't so obvious. You just need to provide your employees with a recharge room where they can communicate freely and get to know each other better.

And it goes without saying that co-workers who become friends tend to work better and be more productive. Adding a recharge room means providing them with space where they can talk comfortably, play games and have fun without distracting others in the office. 

Benefit 6 — Building loyalty

You can't expect your employees to be loyal to you if you are not showing them that you care. If you only care about the business and results, you can't expect a high level of motivation and productivity from your staff. What's more, if they think results are the only thing that matters to you, it will make them more prone to mistakes as they will be stressed more from fear of failing.

Investing in a recharge room will show them they are not just a number for you and that their well-being is one of your major concerns. It's a gesture that will inspire them to invest themselves more in their work. It's also what will keep them in your company for a long period of time.

Final Comment

A recharge room is highly beneficial for everybody involved in the company. It keeps your employees happy, well-rested, and energized but it also helps them bond and become a better team that's devoted to you as the business owner. Start planning a recharge room today and help your business thrive.


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