15 things millennials want from the workplace

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Millennials seem like a complicated generation through and through.

They keep rewriting the way our society works and that can be confusing and tough for the people trying to retain Millenials in the office and give them work. Suddenly, cubicles aren’t acceptable any longer and you need to actually pay attention to the kind of environment your office has. 

This doesn’t mean Millenials aren’t fit for work

This is a hard-working generation that does good work, you just need to meet their standards in the workplace. No matter how difficult this task may seem, Millennials are actually pretty straightforward and don’t demand anything they don’t deserve in the office.

So, if you want to make your Millenial workforce happy and productive in the office, these are the things you’ll need to equip the workplace with.


1. Room for mistakes

What you have to realize is that your employees are just people. Mistakes are normal and they are going to happen from time to time. This doesn’t mean that should punish or fire your employees immediately. Instead of reprimanding them, work with them towards a solution. Once the problem is solved, find a way to teach them not to make the same mistakes.

The matter of the fact is that an employee who has made a mistake already feels bad. They don’t need extra pressure from you because it simply won’t be productive. In fact, it might contribute to them making mistakes more often.

2. Snacks

No matter how serious this generation is about their work, they still like to have some fun. If you want to nurture a more laid-back and warmer environment, you should definitely include free snacks in the office. Your employees should have something to munch on during their breaks to help them keep their focus.

A little break does everyone some good and quality snacks just complete the equation. You should ask your employees what they like to snack on and stuff the office pantry for a nice surprise. Or, you could opt for only healthy snacks to show your employees you care about their health.

3. Communication

Having open communication channels with their managers and bosses is very important to Millennials. You have to realize that you’re working with your employees, not against them. That means that the communication channels should always be open. Your employees should be able to come to you with anything, regardless of how good or bad it is.

As well as that, you should be able to talk to them about anything good or bad, too. This will help keep the company working smoothly and will definitely contribute to a happier workforce that gets along great. 

4. Feedback

Along with communication comes feedback. Millennials work hard, but they like knowing they’re doing a good job and how they can improve. You won’t keep your workforce happy unless you give them regular and honest feedback. This isn’t an invitation to nag on your employees every chance you get, though.

Positive feedback is also feedback

So you should take care to give your employees a pat on the back and some encouragement if they’re doing things right.

5. Inclusion

Millennials are very sensitive to social issues, and inclusion and diversity are definitely one of those issues. Your team won’t be happy if they’re not working in a fast-paced and diverse environment. This doesn’t mean you should hire minorities simply because of their status as minorities, though. It simply means that you should take their applications seriously into account.

As well as that, it means that you should never choose someone to work for you just because they fit into the majority. A minority should have equal chances of getting the job and you should only pay attention to the qualifications of the applicant, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

6. Comfy chairs

Working in the office all day and sitting in front of the screen can get rather tiring and really bad for your back. No matter how hard you try, you’ll end up slouching and being stiff at the end of the workday. This is why you should invest in high-quality office chairs that support your employees’ backs.

Not only will this make working in the office more comfortable, but it will also make your workforce happier and more satisfied. They’ll have an easier time staying focused and being productive, too. The initial investment may be high, but what you get back on it is definitely worth it.

7. Social responsibility

Millennials realize that it’s up to small and big businesses alike to respect and honour the social responsibility they have. This means that not giving back to the community or caring about the environment simply won’t fly any longer.

You’ll need to get involved with the issues of the community and keep things eco-friendly if you hope to retain your workforce. Research has shown that Millennials care more about these values than having higher paychecks, so you’ll never be able to buy them off in exchange for ignorance.


8. An open design

Gone are the days of the office cubicle and Millennials simply won’t stand for this kind of design. If you really want to impress them, you should consider an open design concept. This will stimulate creative flow around the office, but will also encourage collaboration. You don’t want or need an office full of competitive employees, so work towards something more wholesome.

Open office design can be realized in many different and creative ways, so you can work on originality and uniqueness at the same time.

9. Flexibility

Millennials hate being confined to certain work hours. It’s been proven that people don’t work well when you confine them all to the same working hours. Some are more productive in the morning and some in the evening. This doesn’t mean some are better employees, just that their mind goes by a different clock. If you want a productive and satisfied workforce, you should be flexible with work hours.

The working day should still be 8 hours 

But when they get things done should depend on them. It doesn’t matter what time they start and finish work as long as they do their 8 hours a day.

10. A personal touch

Another way to keep your Millennials happy is to allow them to introduce a personal touch to the office. Whether it’s putting pictures of their families on their desks or contributing to the decor of the office, a personal touch is a must. This will make your employees feel like they actually belong to something bigger.

As well as that, this is the perfect way to nurture a loving and supporting environment. An office filled with warmth and kindness is an office with beaming employees.

11. Training

If you expect your Millennials to be loyal and happy in the workplace, you’ll need to provide the training. Today, it’s expected of the boss to teach their employees everything they need to know about the job. This isn’t to say Millennials are underqualified for the positions you offer. It simply means that they expect guidance and training in the beginning.

They want to make sure they’re doing a good job and meeting your expectations, so you’ll have to ensure they get the training they need. It doesn’t even have to be anything serious or long. Introduce them to the kind of work they’ll be doing and guide them until they get the hang of how you want to run things. You should have no problems after that.

12. Plenty of light

Nobody likes working in a dark and gloomy environment, least of all Millennials. This is why you should make sure the office has plenty of natural light shining through the windows. Natural light is much better for physical and mental health than artificial light as it keeps people motivated and alert. As well as that, it’s better for their eyes and has a calming effect.

The windows of the office should either be covered with light-coloured drapes or left completely uncovered for optimal results.

13. Some nice plants

Every Millenial will love an office with some plants. They’re here to give the workplace a little bit of a soul. The office will appear much warmer and cozier if you have plants decorating the desks, corners, or walls. The best part is that most office plants don’t require a lot of attention or care, so they’ll easily prosper and grow even if people don’t tend to them often.

Green plants will also add some Zen to the premises

They’ll provide a pleasant break for the eyes from the computer screen and contribute to the overall health of your employees. You can’t go wrong with nifty office plants.

14. A quality coffee machine

Almost everyone today drinks coffee and Millennials are definitely the generation to revolutionize how we drink this potent drink. You can bet that your Millennial workforce will need quality coffee in the office to stay productive and satisfied. This way, they’ll have an easier time waking up in the morning and they’ll get their needed energy boost in the afternoon.

The breakroom should be equipped with the highest-quality coffee machine on the market. Remember, this is the generation that loves coffee, so nothing less than the best will suffice.

15. High-speed internet

Last but not least, your office won’t be completed without a high-speed internet connection. Everything is done online today, and an office with a slow connection is not a happy office. No matter what industry you’re in and how many people are working in the office, you’ll need to make sure the internet is up to the highest standards.

Ask around for the best office packages and don’t settle for anything but the best. Even though it may seem expensive at first, it will definitely pay off.


The Millenial generation knows what it wants and how they want it

Making your office to their liking will give you a loyal and hard-working workforce that does more than any other generation before it. We’re confident these changes will be just the ones needed to make your employees happy and your office fruitful.


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