Leo Art director and Motion Graphic Designer


Factoryanimation called me to art direct and animate this opener for Brazilian TV show "Reclame" screened at Multishow channel, including the program broadcast design.

For this piece, we wanted to show the day to day routine of an active, strong and empowered woman who’s job is related to the world of advertising, events, culture and media, the main topics of the tv show. The character was inspired in Gilvana Viana a black, businesswoman, mother and sportswoman.

Thanks to Factory CEO and producer Jennifer Djehdian

Production: Factory, Jennifer Djedian
Storyboard: Gilberto Lefevre
Illustration: Bruno Guma
Frame by frame animation: Killerjabuti
Art direction and animation: Leo Uehara
Music: Mugshot music


  • * LeoArt director and Motion Graphic Designer

Who pooled - Opener and broadcast design for TV show Reclame