McDonald’s launches a new campaign celebrating its most iconic burger, The Big Mac.

The Big Mac is the first product most people think of when you mention McDonald’s. And when you do think of it, it’s pretty hard to stop thinking about it - because it looks and tastes like no other burger. Two beef patties made from 100% British and Irish beef, Big Mac special sauce, cheese, gherkins, lettuce, onion and a three-part bun – there is nothing else like it. So when you want one, nothing else will do.

In the ads we see normally slick professionals, a high-end estate agent and a lawyer, absent-mindedly mention the ingredients of a Big Mac in situations where you would expect them to be the picture of professionalism. They don’t even notice they’re doing it. But those around them, and our viewers certainly do. It is then that we reveal that they have been distracted by posters and adverts depicting the Big Mac, in all its glory. The effect it has on our characters is summed up in the campaign endline: The Big Mac. See One. Want One.

The TV ads mark the first Big Mac TV campaign in the UK for 6 years. The work was written and art directed by Matt Lee and Peter Heyes, and directed by Fredrik Bond, at Sonny. Creative Director was Adam Tucker and Executive Creative Director was Justin Tindall.

The TV work is supported by a national outdoor campaign, which also plays off the idea that when you want a Big Mac, nothing else will do. In witty acknowledgements of the effect the delicious Big Macs on the posters will cause, the outdoor offers consumers either apologies for causing them to be late, or excuses to be used because they are going to be late, due to the detour they are now going to have to make to McDonald’s. The outdoor includes executions tailored to road and rail commuters as well as bespoke executions calling out local locations.

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