Every year, China Airlines is running a campaign just before the start of summer vacation to boost sales for the holiday season.
This year, our client wanted to focus on younger audiences. Therefore, we did some research and social listening, which led us to understand that young people favored to travel and spend money on experiences.
To young people, travel meant something more than making friends jealous with gorgeous pics on IG, crossing off many places from a wish list, or buying little key chains and other clutter we bring from far-away places. We found that travel meant the experience that leaves a mark on life, by changing the way we think, look, and feel, or even to change our whole life. On that note, this is what our younger generation is pursuing: a rich intercultural experience that can impact their lives.
Based on this insight, we created different scenarios of travel “souvenirs” and their significances left in our life. We tested the scenarios internally, with friends and our clients, then chose the ones resonating with young Taiwanese the most. We want to inspire people to discover the new experience when they travel.
Once the film was launched, our organic views soared quickly. The initiative has charmed viewers worldwide, with its centerpiece video notching 10 million global views and more than 50,000 likes, 10,000 shares, and over 4,000 comments in just two weeks. The campaign widely discussed in social forums inspiring young people to share their stories on all the souvenirs they got from travelling.
The campaign had a significant impact on business and online sales increased by 213% compared to previous year within one month. (China Airlines internal data)


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