About me

This is Julian Lemus from Colombia based in Dubai, UAE. I'm a 29 year old freelance artist who has enjoyed arts at its most almost the entire life. Practicing, learning, developing and improving many skills relative to illustration, sketching, animation, storytelling, scripting in order to complement my Comic Project: Insurrection Maldita, which already has 3 chapters published on social media. I'm specialize in Comic Art because from my point of view it is the most complete art that could anyone think about; since the script and storytelling until the animation and soundtracks it applies too many kinds of disciplines and techniques to develop a masterpiece.
On the other hand I have illustrated and wrote for the magazine in my University called Voices Magazine, a space for anyone who loves literature and wants to express whatever feeling as long as it has to do with the topic of the season. I also have illustrated and published some art in a radio collective project called Metamorfosis Radio in Colombia about social issues. I've participated in some fanzines in Colombia relative to Punk music and social matters.
As an independent artist I have collaborated in some projects for making books for children drawing, making the line art and painting, even designing logos, covers and more...
I mix analog and digital art to do my projects, I use to manage software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Medibang, Krita, Clip Studio depending on the necessities required, so I tend to experiment many times before deciding a finished product.

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