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Brand positioning, naming, logo, corporate identity & labels for Rhous Winery (ex Tamiolakis Winery)

Fifteen years after Minas and Evangelia Tamiolaki planted the first vines, Tamiolakis winery is turning the page. Maria Tamiolaki and Dimitris Mansolas are the ones who will continue the history of the winery. Ιt was thus important to reposition the winery to reflect the values of the two young winemakers.

The winery’s positioning is built around the idea of the different paths people follow to discover their life’s purpose. Dimitris and Maria’s paths first crossed in Bordeaux, France and then again in the village of Houdetsi, Crete, where the family estate is located. This is how we came up with the idea for the winery’s new name: Rhous, the ancient Greek word for “flow”, the continuous progression of things.

To visualize the concept of flow, we designed a font that is made up mainly of round shapes and uses the characteristic ligature ᴕ of the Greek letters ο and υ. This implies the maturity of the winery, without however looking dated.
The labels of Rhous White, Rose and Red wines tell the stories of the two winemakers. Dimitris began his wine explorations in North Greece to end up in the South, in the island of Crete; and Maria always knew that she would study in France, in the same way, she always knew that she would return to her birthplace, Crete. These “flows” are symbolized by the stories of important explorers in history.

For Rhous White, Captain James Cook, one of the first explorers to cross the Antarctic Circle, symbolizes Dimitri’s path from North to South. For Rhous Rose, Jeanne Baret, the first woman who completed disguised as a man a voyage of circumnavigation, symbolizes Maria’s path from East to West and then back East. Finally, Rhous Red symbolizes the convergence of their paths in Houdetsi, as well as their passion for exploring the qualities of indigenous varieties and the expression of international ones in the unique terroir of Crete. This wine depicts Martin and Osa Johnson, an American couple who studied East and Central Africa and the South Pacific Islands.


Ermis Awards 2016, Finalists


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