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I wrote and directed this short piece based on the popular 90's video game; Crash Bandicoot, and the Disney XD animated series; Gravity Falls for the Channel 4 funded YouTube channel called Mashed.

Mashed publishes weekly animations about video games to an audience of over 1 million subscribers. The brief was to help make short, funny and cool animations about classic or popular video games.

I had already been involved in a few productions revolving around combining TV animation intros with popular video games. Crash Bandicoot had both the nostalgia following, but was also going through a remaster of the three first video games, and found a new audience last year. Gravity Falls had finished a year before, but had gained a large cult following with young adults. After some development around the combination of the idea, the project was commissioned.

Published on the Mashed YouTube channel, and Facebook page, currently at +2.7 million views!

Written and Directed By Laura Rankin
Animated by Tobias Knitt
Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith
Produced by Thomas Jenkins for Mashed

Date created: February 2017 2017-02-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 14 February 2018 2018-02-14T02:35:08+0000


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