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LAL stands for ‘Language And Leisure’, which emphasises our belief that students should get out of the classroom and enjoy themselves while practising their new language skills. We have a wide range of excursions and activities on offer to help you explore and practice the language you have learnt in the classroom.

English lessons are at the heart of our business, and we have over 30 years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Our teachers are skilled at tailoring our lessons to make them engaging and dynamic while meeting the needs of each student.

At LAL, you’ll become a ‘citizen of the world’. You’ll meet, learn and socialise with learners from around the globe, make friendships and have experiences that will last a lifetime – all while you improve your English.

We at LAL will always do our best to create an environment where the student feels safe and happy. We’ve modernised our schools with more technology in the classrooms and better facilities, ensuring a perfect place for study and socialising.

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