Smirnoff teams up with LADBible for long-term 'Free to Be' nightlife diversity push

Smirnoff has announced Free To Be, a year-long partnership with LADbible Group to champion greater inclusivity. The collaboration aims to promote empathy and discussion amongst LADbible’s 62m+ followers towards minority communities with a focus on the nightlife environment.

Through a series of hard-hitting creative content, Free To Be intends to break down barriers and encourage a generation to have those difficult conversations they may otherwise not have had with a more diverse range of people. The campaign will incorporate social content that combines humour, relatability and the inclusive nature of nightlife, with a special emphasis on gender identity and disability.

Free To Be launched with a video featuring unsung heroes who make nights out more inclusive: The Night Shift



LADbible Group has been a Contributor since 27th March 2019.

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