The world’s biggest social publisher and the UK’s best network for data have joined forces to launch ‘Relaxing Stuff’ - a new online channel aimed at improving wellness by using technology to deliver daily moments of chill.

Today Three and LADbible Group have officially launched relaxingstuff, a new social channel that aims to be ‘the most relaxing place on the internet’ by providing a chilled place for people to spend ‘time out’ of their noisy digital worlds.

The channel will share a mix of content to interrupt your day, from the most soothing audio and CG animations through to serenely absorbing puzzles and oddly satisfying weird and wonderful video content. Providing people with a quiet place to take time out of their hectic social news feed.

The partnership builds on Three’s existing ‘Phones Are Good’ campaign that encourages a healthy life/phone balance, alongside LADbible Group’s commitment to ‘Everyday Social Empowerment’ that is reaching a mass youth audience with relatable and easy to use life skills and hacks.

The partnership is a first for LADbible Group and it showcases how brands like Three can do more than just talk about wellness to their audience, but actively deliver wellness in unique and engaging ways within the social space.

Across the first year of the partnership, the channel will produce and curate more than 1,000 pieces of content, including episodic video franchises and articles and content curated from the best online creators.

Wellness culture has a habit of taking itself incredibly seriously, which is one of the biggest barriers to younger audiences. ‘Relaxing Stuff’ will be proudly mainstream and re-interpreting wellness to be more relatable to a younger audience - more chicken nuggets, fewer chia seeds.

The channel will publish a regular drum beat of satisfying and sensory videos including time lapsed natural wonders, dogs being shampooed, people playing with slime, soap cutting and the peeling of protective covers off mobile phones.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) - often characterised as a tingling sensation in the back of the head or neck and is known to reduce stress - will be a key part of the ‘Relaxing Stuff’ original content strand.

Across the year, the channel will also publish hero videos featuring celebrity guests whispering fan fiction written about themselves in an ASMR-meets-bedtime-story hybrid. Confirmed guests include the iconic football pundit Chris Kamara and stars of the BAFTA award-winning People Just Do Nothing, Alan 'Seapa' Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin.

Later in the year, ‘Relaxing Stuff’ has plans to use immersive technology to create relaxing online experiences to bring the brand offline with events and pop-ups.

The ‘Relaxing Stuff’ partnership is guided by Joyride, LADbible’s in-house creative agency, which is creating & developing the channel strategy. This builds on the success of their award-winning positively social strategy approach to tackling important issues that matter to a mass audience such as inclusivity and mental health.

Mindshare is spearheading the project, with an innovative social media first approach to brand partnerships that answer the key challenges put forward by Three.

Arian Kalantari, Co-Founder LADbible Group, said:
“We know that wellness and mental health is important to young people in their busy everyday lives. They naturally consume content through social platforms, so we knew this was the best space to reach and support this demographic.

“Relaxing Stuff offers simple moments of relaxation delivered straight to the social newsfeed.

“Partnering with Three is a perfect fit for our first ever premium branded channel, as we both share similar values and understand that content on mobile devices can have a positive social impact on an audience of millions.”

Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three, said:
“We were looking for the right partner to reach our target audience in a simple, fun and light-hearted way. LADbible approached us with this idea around wellness and it complimented our #PhonesAreGood campaign so it was a no-brainer.”



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