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As part of my Second year project, I was given a brief to make a 1/25 scale model of a set, for a theatre, and was given a choice of 3 plays to choose from, the book I chose was called Debris by Dennis Kelly. Reading through the play an idea of character development and set development had to be done. Using my own character analysis I decided to place the 2 main characters in a mental institute, trying to give a feeling of uneasiness, uncomfortable, cold and dirty to help portray the disturbing events that have taken place in the play. My model box depicts a scene in the play in which Micheal is strangling Michelle his sister. The 2 are the main characters in the play, what is strange about this scene is how strange the reaction of his sister to the strangling, she seems almost unfazed and even comforts him when he gets off her after his hand start aching. The 2 then continue retelling strange tails of the childhood. These tails tended to be disturbing a strange, such a Michelle giving birth to herself out of he mothers dead body, to Micheal finding his dad dead in the front room, committed suicide via crucifixion. Micheal also later tells the tail of how he found a baby amongst trash, to which he reveals that he thought that was where babies came from. He then keeps the baby in a box and calls him Debris. These disturbing tails were what led me to believe that this pare were actually unwell which allowed the depiction of a mental institute as the bases of the characters to tell their stories to the audience whilst the set gives the horrible uneasy feel, to make the audience feel disturbed.

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1:25 Scale Model Box- Dennis Kelly's, Debris