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As part of a commission based work set to me by the Guildhall Museum in Rochester, a scaled down version of the Cenotaph needed to be built to be the centre piece of the 100th year anniversary of World War I. The Cenotaph was built out of 9mm MDF sheets were nailed a glued together, filler was also applied to any areas of the MDF surface to ensure a smooth surface to paint over. Once surface was finished a technique known as Trompe el ol was used in order to give the surface a false realistic replication of Portland stone, which is what the original Cenotaph was made from. Various brushes and techniques were used, with 16 layers or various shades of colour was applied in order to create the right balance of pigmentation of colour. The wreaths on the Cenotaph were first carves out of clay, and then moulded with silicone rubber, once set, fibre glass is then used to create the positive product of a wreath. Fibre glass was used as it was very light and durable.

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