Kristlin Visnapuu Motion Designer/​3D Artist


Overview: I was tasked to produce an advertising campaign video and branding to promote a product.

Role: Design an advertisement for a healthy energy drink that would appeal to the health-conscious and youthful 20+ audience.

Challenges: To appeal to the chosen demographic and increase the product's visibility in a fun and engaging way whilst following the current trends.

I explored colour theory, type and packaging in advertising and created a fun and engaging advertising for a fictional energy drink.

I started by researching various advertising campaign videos, focusing on fun and colourful styles. I watched colour theory tutorials on YouTube and created my colour schemes using Adobe Colour and a colour wheel. During the research phase, I discovered an exciting design style, Memphis Style. I decided to create my advertisement in that style because it is colourful and eye-catching. Also, retro styles appear to be popular at the moment. I wanted to focus on the current trends.

Result: fun and colourful advertising and branding following the popular retro themes.

Tools used:

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe After Effects
• Cinema 4D
• Adobe Media Encoder


  • Academic projectClient
Project featured: on 16th June 2022

REN Energy Drink Advertising