Kristal Hernandez Creative/​Art director


How would you like your name to be in the newspaper cover?
Going through this question was the basic part to do this project . Following Coca Cola campaign of cans and bottles with names, we had the challenge of creating an initiative equaly innovating for a print media. Something that in GFR media newspaper history has never being done. Our final result gave us a new opportunity in the way we do ad’s .

The idea was to have several covers like the ad of Coca Cola, with different names just like the Coca Cola personalize cans campaign.

The idea was a success, people were looking for their names in printed. In social media like Facebook, people would post their names and those that were rare , that would never make it in , we send them a personalize cover with their name for Facebook profile.

This initiative covering campaign, cover , print , billboard and social media pave the way to future possibilitive in the commercial print , ad’s and product.

Over all the Coca cola campaign obtain a total of 911 like and 90,000 views.

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Date published: 22 January 2016 2016-01-22T16:26:10+0000


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