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Charlotte is a provider of bespoke, specialist home education for children with special needs with her business, SEND Homeschooling; one-to-one education to children with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

The teaching can come in the form of additional support to existing school education, or as an alternative to conventional schooling. Charlotte creates bespoke education plans with the resources and materials to match. The schooling they receive is consistent, quality education that ensures that they are getting all the learning they need in a fun, supportive and engaging way. And this is the feel and ethos that we have created within her brand.

We went through a brand questionnaire, dug in to her ‘who, what, why and how’ as well as coming up with her brand values. We explored varying creative options, the overall feel being one of colourfulness, boldness, and fun. Another ‘must’ that Charlotte wanted to see feature was a rainbow. The daughter of a family close to Charlotte’s heart, who she had been working with and had encouraged her to set up her own business, loved rainbows. This seemed like a fitting tribute to say thank you for their support.

For some of the pupils that Charlotte works with, the school she creates for them is the only school they go to. And collectively, all her pupils belong to one school - SEND Homeschooling. The new brand looks at creating a sense of belonging for everyone in the form of a school badge. Even though the children are all learning from their own individual homes, they are all classmates and belong to the same place. This badge can be worn and used with pride in the same way that other school badges are used - on ‘uniforms’, pencil cases, certificates, as well incorporating that all important rainbow, the new mascot of SEND Homeschooling.

The rainbow sits proud and centre in the school badge, with the business name around the outside. The chosen typeface has a rounded quality to make it appear friendly and approachable. The rainbow colours are bold in the middle of the badge with a light blue and a dark blue around the outside to compliment, as a nod to the sky.

Branding items such book bags for Charlotte and the children she teaches, or stickers for them to put on things like pencil cases, helps them really feel part of the school. They will know that the other children that Charlotte teaches also have the same apparel, and helps create that sense of belonging.

The logo and brand elements are playful enough that they speak to the children, but also ensure Charlotte is protrayed as an expert, qualified professional when used in more traditional settings, such as a business card above. The rainbow can be pulled out and accentuated in places to add energy and playfulness to layouts. Together we came up with a ‘what you do’ descriptor line from the initial questionnaire to aid Charlotte in positioning herself on who she is and what she does.

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