About me

In support of my application, my background in project coordination and creative marketing along with my educational background in video production means I have a broad understanding of the media landscape.

My degree taught me all elements of video production, from pre-production through to post-production. I have experience of working on many projects both with a team of people and individually. Proficient in Final Cut Pro, and currently working on my own creative projects.

I produced a lot of visual marketing materials for my previous role, from printed promotional products for shows and events, to editing and securing musical licenses for a promotional video.

I have strong experience of constantly updating and improving the effectiveness of social media channels and producing visuals for these platforms. My key eye for detail means that I have strong brand awareness.

My capabilities extend to creative writing, and as well as running G2's social media accounts as mentioned above, and also wrote all blog posts and coordinated guest blogs on other websites for promotional purposes.

My love of copywriting has led me to undertake an online diploma through the College of Media and Publishing, and this is something which has enhanced my knowledge.

Currently I work as a Project Coordinator for a Photography agency. This role requires strong organisational skills. My day to day focusses on providing an overview of client workload, coordinating deliveries and processing retouched shots. My role is dynamic and encompasses the use of a wide variety of skills.

Ambitious, driven and naturally creative, I possess a wide variety of skills.

Skill Level
Junior, Middleweight
Creativepool member since 20 February 2017