Katarina Exhibition Designer /​ 3D Creative /​ Storyller


MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environments.

Because there aren't any shops suited to help the visually impaired people shop, I designed a retail that enables the visually impaired to shop independently and freely, using the tactile surfaces and RFID information about the clothes. This retail also introduces a new shopping experience for the sighted shoppers, who use their senses rather than their eyesight.

At I designed a language to fit in retail stores that includes grooved pathways, protruding sizes and the slade system shapes that informs the shopper of the colour of the item of clothing, and lighting that explains the generale shape of the interior. I have incorporated these information to design a retail for a specific brand, PUMA in Carnaby Street. The experience of the PUMA store, is sports lifestyle which is enhanced by the sound domes above.


Follow Your Senses