As the leader in oral care, Colgate wanted to go beyond its functional expertise of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles, and stand for something more - a future we can smile about.
Research showed us that smiles we take for granted, have a much deeper meaning. They stand for strength and are earned by hope, courage and love. They overcome challenge and accept change.
Digging deeper, we realized this couldn’t be more true for the women in the Arab region. They have started to break stereotypes by driving, dancing, playing sport and climbing the corporate ladder. It was time for Colgate to break stereotypes of its own, especially when it comes to women.
We decided to champion what was behind a woman’s smile. Specifically a woman who has had to endure the challenge and struggle of bringing life into this world – the mother of a newborn. Childbirth is the most transforming moment of a woman’s life where struggle, fear, hope and joy come together to forge the purest and most unadulterated smile. A smile so true, it doesn’t even need the facial expression of one.

We found a photographer who specializes in childbirth photography and captured the moment a child is born. The images showcased the rawness and unadulterated happiness on the faces of the mothers - revealing our smiles of inner strength.

Our campaign was released on Mother's Day popular magazines, and made posters that would be displayed at local maternal hospitals and clinics.


D&AD Award - Yellow Pencil/White pencil


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