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Vietnamese Cajun in the metaverse was so wrong, it's right!

For the very first time in its 23 years of Flavor Forecasts,
McCormick debuted its first-ever Flavor of the Year to the world,
Vietnamese x Cajun. For this epic event, we needed to launch in
a transformative way that demonstrated that this flavor icon is all
about innovating to meet our consumers where they are and
transcend definitions of flavor, beyond taste.

With these very big goals and a limited budget, we harnessed
the passion around the hottest food culture debate and unlocked
the enthusiasm of the metaverse community to build brand
affinity, expand customer reach, and achieve record-high
commercial success through a never-seen-before "flavorful"
experience anchored in the carbon-friendly virtual world.
McCormick's "House of Flavor" delivered an experience so
audaciously wrong yet so outrageously fun to make one simple
point: Right? Wrong? It doesn't matter how you feel about flavor
experimentation, you're going to love this experience. So just go
with the flow!

The House of Flavor turned out to be McCormick’s most successful Flavor Forecast launch in 23 years!

By harnessing the power of culture and engaging in the most authentic manner on the most cutting-edge platform, McCormick won over the hearts, minds, and wallets of untapped spice seekers.

The House of Flavor began trending on the Decentraland event board in less than three hours of launch, with over 1,000 NFTs claimed within 48 hours.

In just three days, McCormick saw a +525% sales increase, compared to the last three years of launches, and 71.5% of the purchases made were by new customers!

Overall, more than 357 million impressions were garnered, with 600k organic visits. But more importantly, visitors were so engaged, they spent an average of 25 minutes on site. This is 25x more than the average time spent on McCormick website!


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