Justin Hankinson self shooting producer, director and editor


Critical Future delivered a unique event in partnership with the British government on 17th October 2016.
This event on "The Future of Banking" centred on a delegation of CEOs from major European banks, coming to London to meet with Fintech founders.
The event included the following:
· Fintech Market Overview by British government Fintech expert Shaul David
· Meeting with the Prime Minister’s Fintech Ambassador Alastair Lukies
· Meetings with the founders of London’s most exciting and highest growth Fintech stars
· Champagne drinks reception for networking and knowledge transfer
The British State provided the historic and iconic Locarno Room to host the event, where British state occasions such as Royal Birthdays and the signing of important political treaties have taken place in the past. We believe there is no finer setting for a business meeting in the United Kingdom.
This event offers unparalleled opportunity to partner with major banks and Fintech stars, build relationships with the UK government, network with peers and gain insight into the Future of Banking.
The event resulted in further investment in the UK, more momentum for London as the Fintech capital of the world, and more support for UK financial services.

Directed, filmed and edited by Justin Hankinson


The Future of Banking - CEO Fintech Delegation 2016