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OutSystems have been powering innovation in the low-code software market since 2001, and today are recognised as a leader in the modern application platform space. Working with Just Global they were looking to capture set audiences in the EMEA region over a summertime period and drive them towards key services.
An eye-catching campaign, with bespoke illustrations made by the Just Global creative team, made innovative use of the OutSystems logo as a sunset on the horizon offering the promise of a bright future for customers. The creative was developed to engage with a disengaged audience over a Summer period who, despite the context of COVID-19, would be thinking of staycations and in some cases trips abroad.
Much of the competitors in this market at the time were focused on lockdown-related content. This aspirational, brightly coloured creative content truly stood out in comparison.
The creative was matched with a lead-generation campaign making the most of a range of channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, email marketing, content syndication, content hubs, and media partner activity. A prize draw also encouraged leads to take action. These were audience specific, updated weekly, and included some gated content.
The campaign also featured a robust media plan with digital targeting tactics, as devised by Just Global’s media, creative and data teams. Distinct media plans were developed for the target audiences of IT decision-makers and developers and architects.
Everything was connected thematically to OutSystems’ four service areas – modernisation on the horizon, ride the transformation wave, drive innovation, and the road to automation. The creative was repeated across platforms for a unified voice to the campaign, and channels were updated weekly.
“This campaign makes me remember what I love about getting to do something really exciting and out of the constraints of day-to-day marketing and be creative again."
— Paul Scarrott, Marketing Director EMEA at Outsystems
After being live for three months, the campaign delivered higher than expected results, exceeding forecasted LinkedIn CTR by 106% and delivering 700k campaign impressions and over 250 leads. Excellent ad engagement and on-page conversion rates were seen, showing the power of the bespoke creative in capturing the target audiences and having the right content appear in front of them at the right time.


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