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Meet Just Global―a new breed of global agency for a new media universe.

The full-service B2B agency, forged by independents JUST and Enigma only three months ago, has launched an international brand campaign to promote their agency model purpose-built to grow the world’s most impactful brands during this time of digital transformation.

Just Global’s “Insights Improve” brand campaign centers on ‘the power of three’ integrated disciplines – media, creative and data – working as one. The campaign was developed to highlight the ever-expanding marketing ecosystem and the role integration within agencies plays in growing their customers businesses.

A charming, animated dog is a storytelling metaphor for what happens to marketing campaigns as they go through the various departments of Just Global. We see elements of the dog’s character shift based on A/B testing results and the character gleefully transition digital environments – from banner ads to landing pages – all to demonstrate that aligned integrated capabilities improves performance.

The B2B marketing agency applied their own methodology to developing the work, using real-time media, consumer and cultural insights to inform a collective and responsive campaign strategy. With video consumption at an all-time high, YouTube serves as the primary media channel for the campaign with support across highly-targeted programmatic, direct mail and social.

“It’s funny how few marketing agencies market themselves,” states Meagan Phillips, Just Global’s Director of Marketing Communications. She continues, “What better way to show customers your marketing approach then by serving it right in front of them?”

Using a one-to-few account based marketing approach, their first-ever brand campaign is primarily targeted to existing customers within their key markets of North America, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Secondary targeting includes active new business leads, brands surging in intent data topics related to the core agency strengths and custom CMO persona research.

Creative was developed from the ground up based around this data-driven media strategy. The campaign utilizes a modern and simple illustration method so teams could deploy a sprite sheet method to render creative variants efficiently based on iterative marketing opportunities.



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Meet Just Global―a new breed of global agency for a new media universe.