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Hellavagirl was founded by Helen Woolams (winner of Britain’s top designer). Her work combines classic regal designs with powerful rock star Couture.
We wanted our images to embody this same fusion as Helen’s work, by creating a modern sexually liberated narrative that would collide with, and overpower the sentiments of a different time.

To do this we took inspiration from a series of Renaissance paintings that dealt with themes that Helen has always sought to challenge in a masculine world. Namely freedom to express Strength, passion, desire and sexuality without prejudice. We then fused these classic environments with strong female protagonists to challenge and disrupt.
In the original paintings the women featured were portrayed as devious, petty and wanton for daring to step into a mans world.

Not anymore.


Founder/ Designer Helen Woollams
Photographer- Daniel DuCros
Photographic assistant- Robert Duncombe
Creative Director- Ian Gathard
MUA- Caty Phelps

Chloe Jasmine
Este Cann
Sophie Levine
Keziah Vokes
Alex Potter


  • HellavagirlClient
  • Alex PotterModel
  • Chloe JasmineModel
  • Daniel DuCrosPhotographer
  • Este CannModel
  • Helen WoollamsFounder/ Designer
  • Ian GathardCreative Director
  • Keziah VokesModel
  • Sophie LevineModel
  • * Junction Eleven
  • * Robert DuncombePhotographers Assistant
  • * Caty PhelpsMUA
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