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We started working with Bacofoil on their social accounts at the start of 2020.

Bacofoil’s previous campaigns had focused on the features of their category-leading, innovative product range. We wanted to shift the focus to the benefits, and put our consumers’ lives at the heart of the creative.

We identified the key moments in the year which would be made better by having Bacofoil products to hand.

We then created craft and community led content, including recipes, How-to videos, guides, polls and influencer content. This allowed us to turn functional products into the opportunity for the audience to unlock creativity in the home.

This gave us loads more ways to raise awareness and engage our grocery shoppers, communicating more examples of how Bacofoil can make everyday activities fun for all the family.

We are happy to say, the results were fantastic.

Here are a few of the year on year highlights that demonstrate how effective our new approach has been.

• 245% increase in reach (4.2m to 10.3m)

• 10x increase in engagement (3-4% to 30-40%)

• +14% increase in sales across the range

• +64% increase in baking paper sales

• A ludicrously low cost per paid engagement on our Halloween Campaign. £0.001 PE (Our facebook account manager thought her reporting tools had broken)


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