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We were briefed to create a full CGI animation of 90' with a single 30' and 15' That showed how Shell Helix Ultra would make your car feel ALIVE.

The concept was to create a powerful, stylish and exciting film. By creating visuals that have a technological yet organic feel. We decided to focus on the beast like raw power of of the car as well as the cutting edge tech that flows through it veins,

We wanted to express­ the visceral feeling we have when we get into a beautiful sports car, turn on the engine, and feel that we are in contact with a living breathing creature.

We created a world in which we had perfect control of camera position, movement and timing, as well as giving us complete freedom with lighting and mood. We could adjust details until quite late in the production process, allowing us to perfect and refine the film.

To accentuate the realism the equivalent real-world lenses were used on the CG virtual cameras, adding optical effects and playing with the depth of field in a way that mimics live action footage.
To make the film more cinematic, we choose a wider format to get a wonder­ful widescreen experience and augment the big budget sensation.


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