Julia Knie Illustrator


The brief included the concept design of a webpage, advertising material (flyers, flags, car ).
As the challenge was about re-branding, in the beginning three competing & different visual brand strategies were developed out of which one was selected by the client.

The winning line was set out to create a young and self-confident brand identity that is bold and fruity. The design and color palette that were chosen, represent the young spirit of the company's team and also appeals strongly to their end customers (amongst them design agencies as well as law firms).
Stadt Land Frucht can now communicate through their visual brand identity, that they are not shy to challenge convention, are set for adopting organic produce in their fruit assortment and have a sense of deep learning that digs deeper than the surface in understanding their customers needs.
This is signalled by emphasising the fleshy fruit inside and play off a notion of smell and taste as to appeal to all senses.

Further tasks included the refinement of the selected line and and preparation of elements for different media (print and digital).

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Brand Identity for Fruit Delivery Stadt Land Frucht