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Most of the content we love is stuck on our screens and, as a result, so are we. Joto is building brand new ways to discover digital content, combining the best of robotics with good old-fashioned pen & ink.

Joto is a robotic drawing board, which turns pixels into pen & ink. It is designed to be hung on your wall like a picture frame. Joto is not another screen, quite the opposite, it turns pictures and words from your screen into physical drawings.

Joto is made up of a pen, an eraser, a board and some sleek robotics: the key parts are a perfect balance of form and function; the surface is lightweight and wipe-clean, and the pen and eraser attachment is held and manoeuvred via a mechanical arm. The whole thing is controlled via the Joto app.

As soon as you send something to it, Joto's pen starts to move. It has an eraser and a dock too, so the pen doesn’t dry out and when you are ready for something new, it refreshes the surface and prepares itself for your next jot.


- Joto was launched via a Kickstarter campaign in March 2017, reaching its funding target in just 3 days, selling 1843 units and raising over £362,000 in just 4 weeks.

- Accepted into Hardware Club, the world's first scaling platform for hardware startups, who select game-changing technologies or products. Members get access to a network of world-class partners, an online platform and private events.

- Joto has received attention from the likes of Buzzfeed, Mashable, The Verge, The Week, Mail Online and WIRED. In fact, over 200 publications covered the launch of Joto on Kickstarter with an estimated reach of over 900 million.

- The Pro version of Joto has already been used at events by Twitter, Google, IBM, Intel and Liberty of London .


Design Museum Designs of the Year - Category winner
Penrose Product of the Year Award
WeWork Creator Awards


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Joto - the robotic drawing board

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