Joseph Melton Creative Director and Brand Manager


Objective: Drive Brand Equity.

Conceptualised, written, produced and designed by the in-house team.

Photographed by Kate Abbey.

Core Proposition – Xero does the work for you and gives you free time to do other things.

£6 million media included:
• Static OOH
• Digital OOH
• National Press
• Bus Sides
• Taxi Sides
• Taxi Tip-ups
• Digital
• Web Banners
• Owned and Paid Social
• Radio

28% uplift in brand recognition
Orgs increased YoY by +66%
Trials increased YoY by +39%

Motivation Impact
● Xero improved significantly as a brand people would consider switching
● 14% to 27% in London
● 73% said the adverts improved their opinion of Xero

The rational response was strong, particularly relevance. Amongst those who were curious, three quarters claimed to have investigated Xero. The ads succeed in being disruptive and cutting through.

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Date published: 22 April 2021 2021-04-22T10:53:31+0100


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