About me

Hi, my name is Jordina,

I was born in Barcelona, as well as my two kids.

I love challenges and creativity.

I believe in intuition and passion.

I´ve been in advertising for many years, my first agency was DDB, followed by FCA!, Vinizius, Y&R Bcn and actually, since 2018 I'm Chief Creative Officer of VMLY&R Barcelona. I have worked for many brands, in many categories such as Henkel, Suzuki, Danone Dairy, Danone Waters, Gerblé, Movistar... And for many different countries, like Spain, USA, Poland, Italia, Brasil, Mexico...

And I still love it like it was my first year, my first brand and my first project! This is how I understand this profession and also life.

I have enjoyed being the judge at the most important creative festivals: national festivals like 'El Chupete' or Best Pack Fest. and international like the New York Festival or Cannes Lions. My work has been recognized by my colleagues in all these festivals, as well as by my clients.

I am what my team makes me be, and my best award is to be able to make them shine, and shine together.

This is me.


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