Jones & Bone London


Inspired and influenced by the family’s travels around the world, Helmer is a creative intermediary bringing beautiful and unique handbags and accessories to customers worldwide.
Helmer approached Jones & Bone as they felt they needed some brand direction and guidance. They wanted their branding to be consistent and reflect their values without changing their identity too much. They needed structure.

Jones & Bone embarked on a collaborative journey with Helmer to give the brand a structure. We created a set of brand guidelines, establishing a bible of values and rules to ensure consistency throughout. We defined four core values for the brand to uphold as they grow: Our Honest Brand Story, The Art of Travelling, The Helmer Women, Wearable Luxury.
These four core values form a focal point for the brand and act as a clear grounding for all future Helmer endeavours.

We redesigned the Helmer logo, giving a set of colours and rules which are in keeping with the Helmer style. We also changed the type face of the text featured on the logo to give it a more ‘luxury’ feel. The brand book provides clear art direction across editorial, social and campaign imagery.

We applied these values to their website and completely redesigned their entire e-com site, taking them away from the unresponsive clunky user experience and injected it with a bold, user friendly responsive website. Considering the users shopping experience on both desktop and mobile.


Injecting a brands culture into its visual identity