Jonathan Knowles Photographer


Always Original follows the story of a jazz band playing an authentic and original composition, alongside a barman who is creating a unique cocktail. The two stories delicately intertwine though visuals and sound, resulting in the Always Original masterpiece.


  • Ambra CastelliStylist assistant
  • Aurelie LagoutteAssistant
  • Chris EldredMusic
  • Jaimee RoseMakeup
  • Jodanna BirdProducer
  • Joe VetchMusic
  • Katherine LuntDrinks Stylist
  • Loz GarrattMusic
  • Luke TomlinsonMusic
  • Madison BlackwoodAssistant
  • Paul JonesHair
  • Paul WaterworthDirector of photography
  • Ross KwanHair Assistant
  • Shaun BransgroveAssistant
  • Tom AstonVideo editor
  • * Paulina GzikStylist
  • * Jonathan KnowlesDirector of Photography

Who pooled - Always Original