Jon Sharp Creative & Brand Consultant


A group of packaging industry vets had spotted a gap in the market and were starting a new company. They came to me for a logo and left with a brand strategy and identity that has helped them be considered against established industry players in their first year of business.

The first job was to define who they are as a brand. Why they are here, what they stand for, what they do, what makes them different, who they are for and what their personality is. Through workshops and consultancy, the brand strategy was formed.

This strategy work fed the brand identity. A bold look to reflect the name they'd come up with and the direction the business was taking. To do things differently, better – the right way.

Pillar-like and modular in construction, the logo mark was developed to display strength at all sizes. The negative tittle in the middle of the two T's, a visual expression of dotting the i's and crossing the t's as well as a nod to the people-centric ethos of the company.

A striking colour palette was chosen to stand out from competitors. In application, the bright blue signifies boldly going where others haven't and a flash of yellow highlights new dawn for the industry.

Photography art direction plays with scale and light to emphasise drama, creating a sense of something big, bold and new. A set of ownable brand assets, very different to the generic industry standard Titan is pushing against.

In their first year of business, they have won key clients and have been considered against established industry players. They also have printed copies of the Brand Book and use them regularly to hold themselves accountable, keeping true to the vision set up.


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