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The lovely people at family-owned brand, Royce make bras founded on three core principles – fit, comfort and quality. After a discovery session it was clear that while women wanted something that looked beautiful, they also longed for comfort. By understanding this and executing a creative campaign with a difference, sales were up 37% in comparison to a like-for-like campaign.

The insight was simple – the best thing about an everyday bra shouldn't be taking it off.

Every woman knows the feeling. Whether it be as soon as they get in the door or last thing at night. The click of a clasp and the rush of relief. Instant gratification – that ‘Aahh!’ feeling. The feeling of being free. Free from expectations and demands. The male gaze. The scaffolding. The push, the rub. The digging in. Time to embrace feeling comfortable. Just bloody comfortable. Not a big ask, right? The effect a well-fitting, comfortable bra can have, both physically and mentally is powerful. That’s bigger than a product. That’s bigger than a brand. That’s a #MOOD. A movement, even.

Well, Royce is the antidote. Everyday bras for all-day comfort.

The campaign was born – 'That Braahh! feeling'

Having established that people bought Royce bras primarily because of how they feel, not how they look – I proposed that the creative should focus on the emotion rather than the aesthetic. Not showing the product on a model was different to what other brands were doing and felt true to our message. And if we're being 'real' about it, let's use real Royce customers too. In their own clothes, Royce bras underneath, in-the-moment feeling themselves.

Whether struggling to find bras that fit at an early age, becoming mothers and only ever having one hand free or having undergone surgery because of cancer, these women found Royce for different reasons but they’ve all never looked back. A testament to the work that goes into the product.


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