John Diss Art Director


This was part of a pitch to Diageo in order to achieve category uplift for Scotch Whiskey . More specifically they wanted new, younger converts using an approach that wouldn't put off the existing audience.
I needed to make it seem both relevant and aspirational. I needed to make it cool. Something out of the ordinary. So I ditched grouse moors and stags and most of the often used cliches but I kept hold of one (I couldn't let people think we were selling Irish Whiskey!). I got to grips with tartan and gave it a modern makeover. Merging it with some design classics.
I suggested some mixers with strong names for good bar-call and created a written language that underscored the fact that there was a Whisky and mixer to suit all types. Something to suit all tastes.
Then I put some Ads together.

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Who pooled - A Fresh Take on Whisky